For the longest time you’ve been promising yourself, “This is the year I’m going to learn how to surf!” Well here you are about to make that dream come true! Rockaway Beach is about 50 minutes by subway from most parts of New York City, and taking surfing lessons in New York is one of New York’s best kept secrets! Keep that promise to yourself and cruise out to laid back Rockaway Beach!! And to everybody else who may have taken a lesson in Hawaii, Costa Rica, California and has caught the surfing bug, you need to get out here and surf in your own hometown!

The New York Surf School and Rockaway Beach Surf Camp are located at the southernmost tip of NYC in Rockaway Beach Queens. Rockaway Beach is an 11 mile long peninsula that is home to many varieties of birds, New York wildlife including dolphins and whales. Our beautiful ocean here in Rockaway maintains an average temperature of 70 degrees during the summer months.

Rockaway Beach is easily accessible from any part of New York City via the Far Rockaway A train, car or bus.

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