For the longest time you’ve been promising yourself, “This is the year I’m going to learn how to surf!”

Well here you are about to make that dream come true! Rockaway Beach is about 50 minutes by subway from most parts of New York City, and taking surfing lessons in New York is one of New York’s best kept secrets! Keep that promise to yourself and cruise out to laid back Rockaway Beach!! And to everybody else who may have taken a lesson in Hawaii, Costa Rica, California and has caught the surfing bug, you need to get out here and surf in your own hometown! Congratulations on taking that next step to becoming a New York surfer! You are in the process of becoming part of the greatest lifestyle in the world, and a great way to meet new friends in a healthy positive environment. There has been a bit of a surfing boom going on here in New York, and the time is now to get out there surfing!! Learning how to Surf in New York City has become quite popular, and the best way to get your feet wet is by taking surfing lessons in New York. The great thing about New York and the east coast is that we have generally small rolling waves, ideal for learning.



Our Prices beat many of the other Competing Surfing Schools

Our Location

Our Location is deal for those living in and around the New York Area

Hands on Lessons

The Classroom is the ocean where you will learn your surfing skills

We are Surfers

Simply put we know exactly what we are doing

What Customers Say?

  • M
    Hi Frank, I want to give you an update and thank you SO much for your awesome help with getting me out on the water last Fall! I am in LOVE with much so that I've been going out with friends all winter in my 5/4 Xcel(totally recommend - i'm the coldest person in the world!) and I recently accepted a job for 18-24 months in Hawaii! I will totally be in touch and hope to see you when I come back! Please keep me on your lists as it will be awesome to hear what you all are up to - please say hello to everyone for me!
  • M
    Hey Frank, A- and I had a GREAT time on Saturday. Thank you for everything. We have not stopped talking about how much fun it was. We are definitely going to need another session with you. Do you ever do lessons on weekdays? Thanks,
  • Anonymous
    Heyyyyyyyyyyyyy Frank 🙂 OH my gosh, i had possibly theeeeeee best time of my life on saturday! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE SURFING, i wanna come back for more, i wish i lived right there i would b out everyday! hahaha i cant believe i last out there so long myself :p yep got home perfectly....and can i tell you that my arms feel like putty ahahaha i cant even put my arms above my head 😮
  • K
    Thank you Frank. You are a great instructor. Very informative and patient! Just what I needed. I would be happy to set up another hour with you. Do you have an open slot at 10 this Saturday? I really cannot wait to go out again. I did not realize how tired I was until the drive home. You were right though, I slept like a baby Saturday night
  • Anonymous
    Hi Frank, Thanks a lot for the pictures and the follow-up. You' ve changed our lives this weekend, we are going to stick to it. Big thank you for that. Guess what? We went surfing yesterday, we went to Jersey "Ocean Grove" since we had rented a car. Better waves, but 8" board were too short for O- and me. M- was still very good...